Is energy landscape reliable?

According to, member of the management board at Gen-i Igor Koprivnikar discusses what makes the organization unique from top power dealers in Eastern Europe. Aside from this, they also tackled the benefits of having a global portfolio, bringing clients to European Markets, and how scenario-based analytics and string fundamental may optimize the developments of strategies in meeting clients’ demands.

How does Gen-i’s global portfolio benefit clients operating in regional European markets?

Igor Koprivnikar, Gen-i: The company is continuously developing its comprehensive portfolio across European markets to optimize energy flows and the creation of value through the effective pursuit of the right balance between constantly shifting expected financial returns and risks. In today’s rapidly changing energy landscape, our clients’ needs are increasingly complex and demanding – and not only from a technical perspective, where to buy liquor.

Gen-i has maintained its position in the 2018 Energy Risk Commodity Rankings as the top-rated power dealer in Eastern Europe. Why do clients rate Gen‑i’s services so highly, and what is its unique selling point?

Igor Koprivnikar: Gen-i’s highly developed global business infrastructure for electricity and natural gas enables consolidation of information and streamlined decision-making in one place while remaining attentive to local needs and requirements. We offer our partners more than simple access to various liquid markets and transparent prices – we enable them to optimize their production or consumption and provide customized solutions for the sale or purchase of flexibility.

How has the increased use of renewables across the European power market affected Gen-i’s clients’ activities – particularly during dry weather conditions?

Igor Koprivnikar: Gen-i is increasingly shifting its focus towards short-term and near-real-time trading as a result of the impact of renewables on European power markets. Increased deployment of renewables in western Europe has already significantly impacted short-term volatility, and consequently the needs in the structure and responsiveness in regards to trading strategies.

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