Hillside Landscape Supplies for Business

How did this business get started?

According to The Fayetteville Observer, they said, “When we first opened on Hope Mills Road, in 2006, I was still working another job, as operations manager for Oldcastle,” said Ted Hill, who owns Hillside Landscape Supplies with his wife Teresa. “The business was growing so fast, I had to leave my job to help get things started. As the demand for business grew, we added more people. At first it was just my wife and one other person. Then, we added a delivery driver. It took off from there. We also have a greenhouse on Legion Road that we use for storage, and we have company trucks and equipment that we maintain. We bring inventory over to sell as needed.”

Why did you choose this business?

“My family was in the peat industry in eastern North Carolina.”

What services do you provide? “In addition to selling landscape products, we are a full-service landscape contractor. Our services include seasonal and contract landscape design, installation, and maintenance, as well as patios, retaining walls, waterfalls, creeks and koi ponds, grading, drainage, sod and seeding, AstroTurf and mulch. We also offer bulk delivery including tractor-trailer loads.”

What has been the economy’s effect on the business?

“Our business is seasonal, so it can be like a roller coaster. It peaks in the spring and in the fall, slows a little during the summer months, and then drops off in the winter. We have a maintenance crew that works year round. After Jan. 15, our residential business slows down. We do snow and ice removal during the winter months to compensate,” liquor stores.

When is your busiest time?

“Our busiest time is from early spring until about June 15. After Father’s Day, it slows down a bit, and then picks back up again in the middle of August.”

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